young boy hugging stray dog
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When he believes no one is watching, this young lad goes up to two stray dogs

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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There’s nothing quite like the innocence of children. This boy clearly demonstrated that when he stopped to pet a couple of strays.

Filmed in December 2021, the following video takes place in Russia.

No-one is invisible

A little boy is walking in the street - probably headed to school - when he spots two stray dogs. Instead of walking straight past them without a glance, as most people would, he stops and then walks towards them. What happens next is simply heartwarming. 

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The boy sinks down to the dogs’ level and envelops one of the dogs with a big, warm hug. He then gently pats the other dog on the head.

As he walks away, the boy looks back, hesitates, and returns to the dogs again. One last hug and pat, and he’s finally on his way.

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A kind-hearted boy

The video has been watched thousands of times by people worldwide. Viewers are amazed at the child’s big heart and congratulate his parents for raising such a sweet kid. They're also calling for the sweet dogs to find forever homes!

We couldn’t agree more!

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