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Five things we do that our dogs find super weird

Five things we do that our dogs find super weird dog-wow
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It can’t be easy being a pooch, us humans do the strangest things. Take a look at these five things you're doing that mystify your dog every single day.

By Natasha James

Published on the 10/03/2021, 06:30

On the whole, dog behaviour is very adaptable. They’ll happily come to the park and play fetch for hours then obediently walk home next to us and fall asleep in front of the fire. For many animals, the variety of those behaviours would be exhausting but not for the man’s best friend.

There are, however, a number of things that we do that seem perfectly ordinary to us but are thoroughly perplexing to the canine in our life.


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1. We leave them alone

Dogs are pack creatures and, for puppies and nervous dogs in particular, every time we go out to work or put them in the kennel for the weekend, it's truly confusing. Until it becomes normal to them, they have no idea if we’ll ever come back.

2. We change how we look and smell 

One day we’ll come home wearing a new coat and smelling like the restaurant we’ve just left and the cat we petted on our walk home. Our dogs simply cannot work this out. It could be why they're sometimes look at us a little strangely.

3. We like to hug

We use our arms very differently to how a dog uses its forelimbs. While we hug and show affection with our arms, dogs mainly use them to pin things down. Which is exactly what a hug feels like to our dogs. It’s likely that once they love and trust us, they’re fine with this but to a new puppy it can be very confusing.

4. We don’t like to bite

Play fighting is hugely fun to a pup so they have no idea why we don’t like it just as much.

5. We don’t eat food from the bin

Why we go to all that effort to slice and dice and heat and stir food when there’s plenty available in that bin right there, they’ll never know!

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