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Dog plays in the sea when a creature comes to steal her ball (Video)

dog with his ball in the sea dog-wow

Where did Lucy's ball go?

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A dog named Lucy was happy playing with her ball in the sea when suddenly something very unexpected happened and Lucy looked very surprised. The video is really mysterious!

By Emilie Heyl

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There is nothing more fun for dogs than going out in nature, running free and of course: playing with their favourite toys and balls. And this is exactly what Lucy, who loves to walk along the beach with her owner, was doing.

Lucy always makes sure she takes her favourite ball with her on all her adventures and this time was no exception. However, something unexpected happened that turned the family adventure into something a little strange.

There is a creature in the water

While Lucy was playing with her ball on the beach near her home in South Africa, a shadow appeared in the water and soon absorbed the ball and made it disappear!

Confused, Lucy turned to look at her owner. What had happened?

Apparently, as high tide approached, an octopus swam into the shallow water, and crept up on Lucy and her family. This surprised the little dog, who dropped her ball in the water where she was standing.

And so the octopus seized the moment and took the toy for himself. Goodbye ball!

Sadly, Lucy had to give up her favourite toy because, after the octopus wrapped its tentacle around her, she never saw the ball again.



Posted by Riette Creighton on Thursday, March 4, 2021

This could depress anyone, but Lucy didn't let it ruin her day and continued to play, happy to be with her family in nature and running along the beach.

The best part? The next day, Lucy was back in the water with a new ball!

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