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What animal can you spot in this viral optical illusion?

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Are you ready for a new challenge? This puzzling optical illusion will for sure put your eyesight to the test.

Internet users have been baffled by this optical illusion posted by Tom Hicks on X. The image seems to conceal pictures of two animals. Which one will you see first? Are you ready to put your eyesight to the test?

Do you see a cat or a moose? 

Depending on how your brain works, you’ll see a cat or a moose in this picture. Tom Hicks adds: “Whatever animal you see first isn’t part of the image, it’s just an optical illusion created by your own brain.”

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Internet users from all over the world saw this picture and they have come to many different conclusions on the hidden animals. While the majority saw the picture of a cat, others didn’t see any animals at all! Some users only noticed the cat or the moose when closing one eye or looking at the picture from a certain angle.

We asked our colleagues in our office what they saw, and some saw the cat immediately, while others didn’t see any animal. It all depends on the angle of the image, so when you look at the picture, remember to look at it from different angles.

Is your brain left or right-sided?

This puzzle, which quickly became viral, is based on the lateralisation of a person’s brain function. This means that someone's brain will be more likely to spot a certain animal based on whether it is left- or right-sided. Left-brain thinkers are said to be more logical and analytical, whereas right-brain thinkers are more creative and intuitive. That might help you define which side of your brain is stronger.

Sadly, it hasn’t been revealed which animal refers to which side. Also, although psychological theories of brain lateralisation confirmed that functions are performed by distinct regions of the brain, the idea that humans have a stronger side (left or right) has been disproved.

Enough talking about science and the brain; let’s see which animal you see in this optical illusion. Will it be the cat or the moose? And remember, try looking at this picture from different angles.

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So did you see the cat or the moose?
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