Woman gets a call from her sister: Her heart suddenly drops

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Sometimes, we plan for months and months before getting a pet. But other times, pets just fall into our laps, much like Remi did with her mum!

By Justine Seraphin

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Last October, Jami Lassell got a disturbing call from her sister.

As she was cleaning out an abandoned house, Jami’s sister discovered a dog who had been locked inside the attic. She described the dog as being just "skin and bones".

Abandoned dog still loves humans

As a fervent dog lover, Jami immediately drove to the house to pick the dog up, and was shocked by what she found. The pitbull-type dog was indeed very skinny, had an injured leg, and was covered in fleas. Yet, when she saw Jami approaching, she started wagging her tail.

After taking her to the vet for her various aches and pains, Jami took the dog home. She named her Remi, and decided she would only keep her until she was strong enough to go to a new home…at least, that’s what she’d planned for.

Forever home found

But the plan changed very quickly. Remi soon built an unbreakable bond with not only Jami, but with her family and her dog too! After seeing the way she settled in so perfectly, Jami couldn’t bear to let Remi go.


Happy girl 🥰🐾

Posted by Jami Lassell on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

So now Remi is a firm member of the Lassell family, and she couldn’t be any happier! 

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