Dog urgently stops motorcyclist driving in the mountains, biker is in shock when he founds out why

Dog in the mountains dog-sad © Hope for Strays - Facebook

December 2020, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorbike in the mountains near Cebu in the Philippines when a dog stopped him. The dog doesn’t know it, but his action has changed a baby’s future and his family’s too.

By Emilie Heyl

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When Junrell Fuentes Revilla was up in the mountains having fun with his motorcycle, he would have never imagined saving someone’s life thanks to this dog. The dog barked and barked, desperately trying to get his attention. The biker sensed that the dog was trying to tell him something, so he stopped his bike and approached the dog.

A dog saves a baby’s life

The dog led Junrell Fuentes Revilla to a rubbish dump and then to a small bundle wriggling on the ground. "To Junrell Fuentes Revilla's surprise, he found a baby wrapped in a brown towel. The place where the baby was found is isolated as it is on top of the mountain," Gea Ybarita, a member of Hope for Strays, told The Dodo.

Without thinking, Junrell Fuentes picked up the newborn and rushed him to the nearest police station, where the Department of Social Welfare responded. Thanks to the dog's quick thinking, the infant was found just in time and saved. He is now safe and well.

But who was this dog who saved the baby’s life?

When the story of the stray dog's heroism broke in the local media and on the web, volunteers from the Hope for Strays rescue organisation rushed to the area where the baby had been recovered in the hope of finding the stray dog. They soon came across a man who claimed the dog, named Blacky, belonged to him. "He showed us the way to his house and, to our surprise, Blacky was there with three other dogs. We were able to confirm that it was not a stray at all," said Gea Ybarita.

Rescuers were relieved that Blacky had a loving home, but it was clear that the dog and his family still needed help. His owner said: "Even though life is hard, even though I am poor, I feed all my dogs and look after them well.

Since Blacky's life-saving gesture, he and his family have received an outpouring of support from the community, including donations of food, pet supplies and more.

Blacky may not realise it, but he has done much to change the future for himself, his family and a very lucky little girl. 

Well done Blacky, you’re a hero!

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