Restaurant receives order for dog's last meal: Staff's reaction has owner in tears

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The Longhorn Steakhouse in Topeka, Kansas received a heartbreaking message with an online order.

By Emilie Heyl

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Last Thursday, Julianna Lopez ordered a 250g steak and a sweet potato for Boosie, her 13 year old Boston Terrier.

A deeply moving message 

Julianna wrote this note along with the order: "This is my dog's last meal. Please prepare it with love.

Her dog was due to be put down later that day and her owner was heartbroken. She had gotten Boosie during her second year of high school. 

For Julianna, Boosie was her "first baby", before her daughter, Jacienna, who is six and a half.

The girl also lives with Boosie's mum, Lucy, and three other dogs: Growler, Dozer and Carmela.

A touching support 

The restaurant staff were very moved by Julianna's message. They added a sweet treat (whipped cream) to the order with a note on the receipt: "Made with a lot of love! We are so sorry for your loss. We have put a treat for him."

Boosie's last meal was a very special moment for her and she had the chance to share it with her owner, which she will never forget.

She said her dog ate more during that meal than she did in the last six months. For a moment, Julianna forgot that her dog was sick. 

A much appreciated meal 

Boosie was kind enough to share the whipped cream from his last meal with his mum dog, Lucy and his pals Growler, Dozer and Carmela. 

Lucy wasn't too keen on the whipped cream, but she did get to enjoy Boosie's steak! 

Julianna thanked the restaurant team on The Topeka Experience Facebook page: 'Thank you for the extra attention in this perfect meal for my sweet girl. Having to say goodbye was hard, but I can take comfort in knowing that I gave her one last lovingly made meal and was by her side until the end. RIP Boosie.'

Julianna then took Boosie to Hoyt's Kester Veterinary Clinic and the pair were able to share their precious last moments together.

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