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Man claims eerie CCTV footage shows ghost playing with his dog in garden (video)

By Emilie Heyl Content Writer

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A video that has already been viewed by people around the world and never ceases to amaze... We will let you make up your own mind about this "ghost dog".

Jake DeMarco lives in Australia with his dog named Ryder when he viewed the footage from his CCTV camera and discovered something that made his blood run cold.

Who played with Ryder in the garden?

That day, Jake couldn't believe what he saw in the video: his dog was playing with a white dog in the garden. A small detail not to be overlooked: the garden was completely fenced.

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Intrigued, he decided to go out and see this second dog with his own eyes. But there was only Ryder out there! No sign of the second dog.

A ghost dog?

Jake DeMarco is convinced that this white dog who could not physically enter his garden, let alone get out, was, in fact, a ghost. 

He then shared the video, which obviously went viral. 

We will let you look at the video below and make your own opinion on this mysterious white dog.

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