Ginger cat learning coin trick
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Clever cat masters coin magic trick after watching owner (video)

By Emilie Heyl Content Writer

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Cats are much smarter than we often give them credit for and can quickly learn new skills, sometimes sometimes just by observing us humans. Just like this cat.

Cats are clever creatures and understand things pretty fast. They will never stop amazing us, that’s for sure! And this little ginger guy is about to perform a great coin trick just for you, are you ready?


In the video you are about to watch, you’ll see a ginger cat really focusing on its owner’s hand trying to understand what the trick is all about.

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The cat’s owner tosses the coin up in the air and as the coin hits the sofa, he covers it with his palm, as if the coin had disappeared. By doing so, the man wanted his cat to wonder where the coin had vanished. But no, clearly the ginger cat needs more than this simple trick to be impressed.

Clever cat

The owner then put the coin on the cat’s paw. Without giving it a second thought the clever feline quickly puts its paw over the coin. It’s fascinating how quickly this cat understood the trick just by observing its owner.

Here's the little four-legged ginger magician in action

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