Officers follow Labrador barking hysterically and are shocked at what they find

yellow labrador barking in the snow dog-happy
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Sometimes the bond between pet and owner is so strong that you are capable of doing anything for them – and vice versa. That's certainly the case for Samantha and her owner!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 19/10/2021, 09:00

It was in the dead of winter that an 84-year-old man slipped and fell into a brook while taking his dog outside.


Yellow Lab leads officers to elderly owner

The elderly man was unable to stand, but tried shouting to get his neighbour’s attention. After a while, the man’s neighbour alerted the York County Sheriff’s Office to someone yelling in the nearby woods.

When officers first arrived, they didn’t know what they were looking for exactly and didn’t know where to start the searches. But Samantha, the elderly man’s yellow Labrador, showed up and started barking incessantly. She tried to bring the officers’ attention to the brook, where her owner had fallen.

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Samantha the hero

After just a few minutes, the officers were able to locate the elderly man and take him to the nearest hospital where he could be treated for hypothermia. 

If it hadn’t been for his loyal dog Samantha, he might not have survived. Good job, Samantha! What a hero!