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Can you find the cat in this picture in less than 60 seconds?

Lounge with cat hidding cat-happy © pizzaslayer111 - Reddit

Can you find the cat in the photo? If the answer is no, don't worry, we'll help you see it in a couple of seconds!

By Emilie Heyl

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With his simple title “Find my cat in this photo”, the user of the social network Reddit, @ pizzaslayer111, entertained many Reddit users.

And the thing is that the kitty is well hidden ... The post, published on September 15, has already more than 21,000 reactions and hundreds of comments, both from people who find the feline quickly, and others who cannot find it.

And you, can you see it?

The photo that is crazy on the Internet.

In this picture, you can tell that the cat just loves playing hide and seek. Why don’t you help Pizzaslayer111 find his cute feline?

Where's the cat? © Reddit @pizzaslayer111

But where has the cat gone? If you own a cat, you will know that hiding is one of a feline’s favourite activity. That can be accentuated if, for example, you have a visitor at home. For other cats, it may be the result of poor socialisation;  that is to say, that the kitten was not well introduced to humans, and in adulthood it hides from them.

In any case, the reasons can be diverse.

The solution to the riddle

Ah! There he is! ©Reddit @pizzaslayer111

That’s where the kitten was hiding! It seems like he was keeping an eye on his owner.

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