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People say it's impossible to find cat in photo in under 10 seconds, can you?

wood logs cat-happy

Can you find the feline? Try, or we will give you the solution!

© yu/jmankruse - Reddit

A game that encourages us to get our eyes to focus: can you find the cat in this photo in less than 10 seconds?

By Emilie Heyl

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Cats, we all know, are animals that love to doze off and venture into very strange places. Just like the feline protagonist in this photo who is driving the web crazy. 

Yet again, the web is offering us another fun game that invites us to focus on a photo and looking for a cat. The feline is hidden in a pile of logs inside what appears to be a forest.

Where is the cat? 

By focusing and having a real close look, you can see the cat that is perfectly camouflaged. Can you do it in less than 10 seconds? Let's start the countdown: 10… .9… 8…

The solution

So have you found it? If you have not succeeded, we will give you the solution! The cat is dozing among the wood logs.

Its coat color allows the feline to blend perfectly well with the landscape. Just like a chameleon! Are cats the ones who know how to blend in better with nature?

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