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People stop when they drive past Retriever with a sign around his neck

Golden Retriever dog with sign dog-wow © Sumerhil - Youtube

The dog didn't even have a leash, and didn't budge. He just stood still in front of the shopping center and held a sign. What did the sign say?

By Emilie Heyl

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Jackson is an adorable three-year-old Golden Retriever who was adopted from a shelter in 2011 by his new dad named Steve. Jackson is a dog everyone would love to have!

A few weeks after his adoption, Jackson went out for a walk with his owner who had to do some shopping. He decided to go to a shopping centre. Unable to take his dog with him inside the shops, Steve decided to leave Jackson in front of the store, in the street, without even taking the time to tie him up.

Passers-by surprised by Jackson

Seeing this dog alone in the street, many passers-by were taken aback. Many of them decided to take a closer look at the dog because a sign was hanging around his neck. On this sign people could read: “My daddy asked me to wait here. So it's me waiting."

So many people were impressed by the dog’s excellent behaviour, they actually couldn’t believe that the Golden Retriever didn’t need to be tied up. Jackson remained so calm that people came to pet him and talk to him. And although Steve was delighted to see the effect his dog has on people, he was also surprised: “Everyone wanted to take him. I found that incredible when a few weeks ago  no one wanted him when he was in a shelter."

Of course, Jackson didn't become so patient in just a few hours, Steve trained him for several weeks. But today, this calm pooch is able to wait patiently while his owner does something else, even in the middle of the street!

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