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Woman hears little cries in waste container: She gets closer and calls for help

underground waste containers cat-sad © Tanya May - Shutterstock

How we wish we never had to report on such stories. Yet, this sort of thing happens all the time, and especially in the summer when people go on holiday.

By Justine Seraphin

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In July of this year, a woman in France was walking past waste containers in the street when she heard little screams coming from them. 

Curious, she decided to go take a closer look. As she approached the containers, she realised the little screams were in fact little meows


Sad find inside waste containers

As she peered inside, the woman saw two tiny little kittens that had been discarded there along with the trash!

She immediately scooped the kittens out and took them to a nearby animal shelter where they could be properly looked after.

How to fight animal neglect

While this is a shockingly sad story, the animal shelter that took the kittens in isn’t that surprised. They say animal abandonments are very common in the summertime when people go on holiday and don’t know what to do with their pets. Unfortunately, kittens are the most easily discarded animals – often litters are unwanted.

The only way to fight against unwanted kittens getting dumped? People getting their cats spayed and neutered! It’s the only way to control kitty numbers. Let’s just hope Rescue makes a full recovery and is soon off to his forever home. 

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