woman and dog pushing car in a flood

Woman's car gets flooded; what her dog does next warms everyone's hearts (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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This summer, there’s been a whole lot of grey skies and rain. But, if you’re lucky enough to have a dog in your life, we know you still feel the sunshine every day.

Just three days ago, Glasgow was hit by flooding due to heavy rain. 

The flooding caused many cars in the street to stop, with drivers no longer being able to move.

Woman helps driver during Glasgow flooding

Thankfully, there are always kind people around who are willing to help. In this case, it was Lori Gillies, a Glasgow resident and a proud Springer Spaniel owner.

When she saw that someone had their car stuck in the street, she immediately offered to help. While the driver stayed in his car to steer it, Lori pushed the vehicle against the current. It seems like a tough job when the water is knee-deep, and it’s still pouring overhead. But Lori wasn’t alone.

Springer Spaniel pushes car in Glasgow floods

Nope, she had the help of her loyal and loving Spaniel, Puck. Even though the water was up to Puck’s neck, he didn’t hesitate to dive in, swimming beside his owner where she stood.

But the most brilliant part? When Puck realises that his owner is pushing the car, he instantly knows what he needs to do to help. He placed his two front paws on the back of the vehicle and pushed along with his mum. Now, if that’s not proof that dogs are man’s best friend, we don’t know what is!

Thankfully, the whole scene was caught on film. Thousands of viewers worldwide are now applauding the amazing dog’s actions and complimenting him on his wittiness!

Well done, Puck. You made your mum proud.

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