Beautiful autistic girl at a dog show: Judge asks her to present her “special” friend

Little girl at a dog show with judge dog-happy

Little girl proudly presents her special dog

© Rex Chapman - Twitter

An autistic girl brought her very special friend to a dog show. Nobody expected such a reaction from the judge.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 25/07/2021, 21:00

There is high competition at dog shows. Each dog has to be perfect. And if you get the chance to see a dog show, you’ll get to see so many beautiful dog breeds. Of course, for each dog owner, their dog is the most beautiful one, and it is no exception for this little girl’s dog, who's slightly different from all the other dogs.

The autistic little girl was so proud of her best friend that she decided to show him to one the judge who made an exception for her.

A stuffed animal for the dog show

The dog brought by this beautiful little girl was... a stuffed toy! According to the media, the girl suffers from autism spectrum disorders and for her a teddy dog ​​is a real, real friend.

The judge decided that the little girl’s puppy toy deserved the same attention as any other dog. He invited the girl to the table of judges, and then looked at her puppy as if it was real. He measured it, examined it, then asked the girl to walk down the runway.

She was so happy and proud! The crowd gathered around did not hide their emotions. A collective sigh can be heard in the video of the whole situation.

A video that touched 7 million people

The video posted on Twitter and then transferred to other platforms touched millions of internet users. And it is still widely shared, because the joy of this little girl who presents her dog at a dog show is contagious! See it for yourself: