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People are so puzzled by this photo of a cat: Do YOU see him?

black-counter-kitchen cat-wow
© Colin Whitehouse - Facebook

Cats are experts are hiding in plain sight. They’re so quiet and discrete – sometimes they’re sitting right in front of you and you don’t even know it!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 30/06/2021, 20:00

Alessandra Ribeiro is the proud cat mum of a gorgeous black cat named Chiquinho. 

Chiquinho isn’t just a pretty boy though – he’s also extremely cheeky. He loves to hide from his owners and surprise them with the original places he chooses to tuck himself into.


Find the hidden cat

But just a couple of days ago, Chiquinho really outdid himself. He chose to hide without really hiding. Indeed, he used his camouflage skills to trick his parents into thinking he wasn’t really there!

Alessandra was so surprised that she decided to take a picture of her trickster kitty and post it on social media. And then EVERYONE was perplexed! Chiquinho really is a master of disguise! Can you find him?

Still don’t know where he is? Check the far left corner of the image! 

Black cat camouflage

Got him? That’s right! Chiquinho is taking a little nap on the counter! Except, since he’s jet black, he blends in perfectly with the black counter top, so he’s really hard to notice!

Chiquinho isn’t the only one who likes to hide in plain sight: Can you find the cat hiding in a pile of leaves? Or what about the cat hiding in his owner’s library?