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Rescuers hear crying coming from sinkhole and send a drone to find out more

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Just about a week ago, a small dog was detected by a drone next to the enormous sinkhole which formed in Central Mexico. This was the third dog to be detected at the location.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 26/06/2021, 19:00

On May 29th, an enormous sinkhole appeared in the city of Santa Maria Zacatepec, Central Mexico. 

The sinkhole’s formation is likely due to a natural geological phenomenon; thankfully it didn’t cause any deaths.

Dogs rescued from Mexican sinkhole

However, a family was forced to move from their home, and two stray dogs named Spike and Spay had to be rescued from it after they fell in. Yet, after these rescues, cries were still heard from the sinkhole.

After sending a drone to see where the noises were coming from, rescuers realised they had missed one dog during their mission. Indeed, in a video taken from the drone, a small brown and white dog is seen looking helpless and in serious need of rescuing!

Vigilance needed

Thankfully, the rescue team was deployed once again and the dog was saved. We do not know whether the dog was reunited with his family or if he was taken to an animal shelter, but one thing’s for sure, he’s better off now than he was at the bottom of that sinkhole.

Volunteers are regularly keeping an eye on the sinkhole to ensure that no wandering dogs end up falling in again. So far, no new incidents have been reported!

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