Students in hysterics when they see who is with teacher during online class

blonde woman with glasses reading on webcam dog-happy
© Deanne Bourke - Youtube

In April 2020, this teacher in Melbourne did her best to keep her students interested despite the online teaching, and got a little help from her Boxer.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 02/05/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:29

Archie is a Boxer through and through. Entertaining, friendly, and very, very demanding of attention. 

When his owner started teaching her students from home, she knew she was going to have to balance her personal and professional life as best she could. But she didn’t know how hard Archie would make it for her!

Trying to keep a straight face

One day, as Archie’s owner was reading her class a story, Archie decided to join her on the sofa. Archie isn’t usually allowed on the sofa, but his owner, trying to stay focused on her class, ignored his naughty behaviour.

She continued reading as though Archie wasn’t there, so he decided to take things a step further. That’s when you see Archie starting to paw at his owner’s arm, as if to say “Mum, can you stop ignoring me and give me some attention, please??”

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A hilarious scene

Of course, since the teacher’s webcam was on, all of the students could see what was happening at her house. And it made for very funny viewing.

We are very impressed at how stoic this dog mum remained throughout her class. Poor Archie didn’t get what he was asking for on screen, but we’re sure he received plenty of cuddles after class was over!

Check out the hilarious video here: