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WATCH: Toddler goes for nap, what Husky does next leaves everyone astonished

Toddler and Husky in bed dog-happy
© Milperthusky - YouTube

Dogs are very protective of the humans in their family, especially the youngest of the pack. But sometimes they can take their job a little too seriously.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 02/01/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Millie is a big-hearted Husky who lives with her family in Manchester. She adores the two young children in the family so much, she seems to think she’s their mum.

A video shared online reveals just how much Millie cares for her human cubs and perhaps takes her maternal role a little too seriously.

Caring canine

Aaron Wallman is Millie’s devoted owner and he regularly shares pictures and videos of his family – both human and canine – on YouTube and Instagram.

But it’s Aaron’s recent video of Millie and his youngest son Parker that has left everyone smiling.

Whenever Parker goes for a nap, he always insists on having a cuddle with Millie before nodding off to sleep. It’s something he’s done all his life and Millie seems to think it’s her role to put him to bed as his canine mum.

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Millie had a litter of pups several years ago and Aaron believes that she’s never lost her maternal instincts.

Bedtime cuddles

In the adorable clip, Aaron takes Parker into the bedroom for his nap. However, as they walk in, they discover Millie has already made herself comfortable in bed, lying under the covers. As Parker settles down to sleep, Aaron asks the dog to leave and let Parker sleep.

Millie gives Aaron a defiant look and stubbornly remains in bed alongside little Parker. As Parker nods off to sleep, Millie snuggles in closer to him so the pair are almost nose to nose. She then puts her leg protectively over Parker as the little boy drifts off to sleep.