Black cat takes everyone’s breath away when she opens her eyes

Black cat cat-wow

It’s not just her beautiful, glossy black coat that’s won Noxy the cat thousands of online admirers, but her spellbinding peepers has got the world bewitched.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 17/07/2021, 07:30

It’s no secret that cats' eyes are some of the most beautiful eyes in the whole of the animal kingdom. But combine striking yellow, orange eyes with a stunning black fur coat, and you are on to a hypnotic combination.

Black cats may be one of our favourite symbols of Halloween, but Noxy has been putting her Instagram followers under her spell all year round.

Hypnotic eyes

Most black cats tend to have green eyes, but some have blue, or like in Noxy’s case, pale orange, and their black coats make their eyes stand out even more.

As the star of her very own Instagram account, Noxy has almost 12,000 followers who have fallen under her spell after staring into her beautiful eyes. It’s impossible not to.

Her Instagram is packed with photos and videos showing the majestic feline hanging out at home in Holland and relaxing with her four-legged siblings. Her eyes are so big and bright; in some photos, she looks like a silhouette and her eyes are like two beacons of light.

Spellbinding feline

You can’t help being drawn in by her beautiful big yellowy, orange eyes and once this two-year-old British Shorthair has got you entranced, you can’t look away.

No doubt Noxy has become skilled at using her hypnotic powers to get her humans to do whatever she asks. She may find them not so effective on her canine siblings, however!

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