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Shelter dog gets all dressed up for adoption day; but no one comes for him

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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On adoption days, staff at Fundación Rescatame dress up their dogs in their finest clothes. Vicente could not have looked more dapper. But no one came.

Like many dogs in shelters, Vicente was so excited that he was finally going to be able to go home with a forever family and live a normal dog life.

Adoption failure

So, as he waited for them to come to pick him up, shelter staff adorned him with a little scarf which had been made to look like a tiny puppy tuxedo. Vicente looked the part: a very good boy ready to go to a very good home.

But sadly, this was not to be. Vicente waited and waited, but the people who were supposed to take him home simply didn’t show up. They never explained why they changed their minds about Vicente, but it doesn't matter. Both the staff and the little puppy were heartbroken enough already.

Happy ending for shelter puppy

Luckily for Vicente, his disappointment soon turned to hope. Once the shelter shared his sad story on Instagram, they received hundreds of adoption requests for Vicente. Staff had more than enough to choose from.

And so they were able to find the perfect family for Vicente. Today, the little pup is growing fast, learning a lot, and being loved to bits. Though his first adoption was heart-wrenching, we think it was just fate leading him to a better ending.

We wish this sweet boy and his new family all the best!

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