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Kitten at nail salon helps out with customers, leaving everyone stunned

Mau the cat enjoys some manicuring time with his owner cat-happy

Once more to work for this little kitten. We’ve found a viral video that proves how a cat’s standoffishness belies its want to help us with everything we do.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 24/06/2021, 06:30

At a Romanian beauty salon a cat is hard at work. 4-month-old Mau accompanies his mum wherever she goes, and today here he is sat beneath a lamp taking in the nuances of the manicure.

The video posted by beautician Liana Nicolae just last week has the promise of going viral. In it, we see Mau give a helping paw to Ms Nicolae’s work; at one point even stopping to inspect the work before continuing to file the customer’s nail.

The talented cat

It is not often we see cats enjoying such delicate professions, but here for the first time is proof of their multitude of abilities.

What else can cats do?

We often think of cats as solitary creatures that care not for the intricacies of human life. But we should turn on its head our prejudiced viewpoint, for cats are in fact the most extraordinary creatures (when they choose to be!)

  • They walk on their tiptoes
  • They can see in almost total darkness
  • They can detach their collarbone to enable access to small spaces
  • They feel emotion in much the same way as humans 
  • They store food in a little belly pouch

So you see, not only is Mau a wizard at the manicurist’s table but he also has quite a few incredible tricks up his sleeve. And need we mention his being exceptionally cute?!

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