Owner shocked when vet reveals what the bright spots on her dog's x-ray are

dog x ray scattered with white dots dog-angry

The Animal Welfare League of NSW rescued 7-year-old Molly, a Kelpie cross, from a pound in 2017. Though she looked healthy, they soon found out that she'd been through the worst.

By Justine Seraphin

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Upon arrival, they gave her a routine vet check.

During her x-ray, they were surprised to find that she had dozens of small round objects scattered all around her body.

Appalling revelation

When the vets understood what the little objects were, they all agreed this was one of the most horrific signs of animal abuse they had ever seen.

Indeed, it turns out those little white spots were BB gun pellets. The poor Kelpie had clearly been used for target practice by heartless humans.

A fresh start

After thorough examination, the vet team agreed that the pellets had probably been in Molly’s body for a long time already, and that they weren’t causing her any pain. In fact, they knew that if they tried to remove them, this would cause Molly a lot more unnecessary stress and discomfort – so the best option was to just leave them there.

Thankfully, Molly didn’t let her past define her. She still loved humans, especially when they offered to cuddle her. Thanks to her wonderful personality, she soon found a perfect forever home where she could be loved on every single day for the rest of her life!

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