Man shakes homeless dog's paw

Man holds hand out to stray: He never expected the dog's incredible reaction

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When a man came across a stray dog on the street he discovered that just like most homeless animals, all the poor pup wanted was some kindness and human contact.

It’s hard for any animal lover to understand what could make a person abandon their pet to live a lonely life on the street where there face a host of dangers such as being hit by a car, attacked by other animals or succumb to extreme temperatures.

But it’s becoming a stark reality across the country with an estimated 10,000 dogs (and a vast number of cats) without homes at any given time.

Charity predicts rise in homeless pets

The Dogs Trust has found that some people have given up their pets to animal shelters or even put them to sleep because they can’t afford the cost of keeping them. The dog charity warns that the coronavirus pandemic could see as many as 40,000 dogs become homeless in the UK.

In the year after the financial crash of 2008, the number of dogs abandoned increased by over 25%.

Man comforts abandoned dog

Dog owners who decide to give up their pet are being urged to hand the animal over to a rescue shelter rather than just dumping the pet on the street, like this dog.

While it’s not known what happened to the dog the man shook paws with it in the video clip, we can just hope that they eventually found a loving home.

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