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Mama cat's reaction to Dalmatian adopting her litter is breathtaking

dalmatian laying down on floor with kittens dog-cat-wow
© Rumble Viral - YouTube

Sweet Dalmatian Zoey couldn’t help but fall in love with this adorable litter of kittens – so she decided to step in and help their foster mum to raise them.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 06/07/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Usually when you think of a dog and a cat together, you think of hissing, fur standing on end, maybe a little barking or growling. Throw in a mama cat protecting her kittens and you’ve got yourself a battlefield. But that is definitely not the case here.

A big happy family

In this adorable video, 5 kittens of just a few weeks of age are seen interacting with their two mums: one feline, and one canine.

The ‘mums’ are more than comfortable with each other, and seem to have found some sort of arrangement whereby they share the responsibility of looking after the little cuties.

The best babysitter

Though Zoey can’t feed the kittens herself, she still lies on the ground, letting them crawl all over her, and giving them affectionate licks every once in a while. Cuter still, when mama cat comes in to feed her litter, she lies down right next to Zoey – talk about trust!

We reckon these kittens will grow up loving dogs – what do you think?

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