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Watch: Bernese Mountain Dog pup has the cutest reaction to meeting baby sister

Baby meets puppy dog-happy
© Bernd van den Bos - YouTube

A baby girl and tiny puppy can’t contain their excitement at meeting each other for the first time. Fortunately for us, the heart-warming moment was captured on film.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 29/04/2021, 06:30

Introducing a new pup to your baby can be a little bit of an anxious time. But more often than not most canines are very happy to welcome a new human to their pack.

In this video shared online, parents of a little girl decided it was the right time to introduce their 10-month-old baby to a 10-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

Love at first sight

As the pair sit opposite each other, it’s quite clear that both have never been happier.

The sweet little baby girl can’t quite believe her eyes as she stares at the dog in front of her. Watching the cute pup wide-eyed and open-mouthed, the baby starts to giggle as the pup begins to bark. The more the pup barks the bigger the smile on the little girl’s face.

Best of friends

While it seems that the puppy is barking to get the baby’s attention, the baby doesn’t seem to mind the noise and wriggles her fingers and toes with glee.

It’s as if the pair are having their own private chat.

No doubt this is just the start of a wonderful relationship for these two.

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