Bulldog puppy throwing a tantrum
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Bulldog puppy's reaction to not being allowed on the sofa is absolutely adorable

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Whether they're allowed to sit on the couch or not, many dogs will do it anyway. You really can’t blame them for liking a comfortable, pillow-soft spot to rest their tired heads - it definitely beats a cold hard floor. Besides, when they see people lounging on the sofa, why wouldn’t they assume that it’s okay for them to just hop right on up and make themselves at home, too?

Not allowed on sofa

Many dog owners know how hard it can be to keep their pets off the furniture. After all, lots of dogs who know that they are clearly not allowed on the sofa always seem to sneak in as soon as their owners leave the house. It’s either that or they simply beg and act cute until you give in and let them up!

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One adorable Bulldog puppy seems to have already learned about the latter technique, but he really has no choice because his little legs are too short for him to jump up in the first place! The tiny pup is pretty adamant about getting up on the sofa and, if you were in his owner’s shoes, it’d be hard to say no to such a sweet face.

Adorable tantrum

While his Mum keeps telling him no, that doesn’t mean anything to a puppy intent on getting his way. His mind is set on the prize: sitting on the darn couch. One day, when he’s big enough, we bet he will make it up there on his own… when Mum’s not home!

Not only does this video prove that Bulldog puppies are adorable, but it also shows how funny and strange-sounding their barks and whines can be. This is really something you have to hear for yourself, so check it out if you want to smile over something that’s just plain cute!

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