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Vet left stunned when owner asks him to put down healthy 10-year-old dog

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A vet was left shocked after an owner asked him to put down a healthy dog because it was too old! The vet refused, and now this old dog is enjoying a fresh start in life!

Holly was ten years old when her owner took her to the vet. And while her boisterous puppy days were long behind her, there was still plenty of life left in the 'old' dog.

A cruel and unusual request

So when the unnamed owner asked for the dog to be put down simply because of her age, the vet outright refused. The vet offered to take the dog off the owner's hands, fearful of what might happen if he left it in the care of this heartless person.

The veterinary service contacted the Old Dog Home, a specialist rescue and rehoming service dedicated to older pooches.

Melissa Conyers, 34, picked up Holly a few hours later. She's come across plenty of sad stories during her time as a volunteer with the Old Dog Home, but this one hit her hard. She posted the following on the Old Dog Facebook page:

"With all the terrible stories I hear, I keep my mouth shut on this page. I don't blast people publicly...but I need to get this off my chest. I asked why they wanted to euthanize her...[The owner said] "We just don't want her anymore." We handed him a surrender form. They left. I tried not to cry."

An old dog starts her new life

Melissa decided to take the dog straight home. If no one else was going to offer this sweet dog a home, then she would! She wrapped Holly in a blanket, gave her a few snuggles, and promised her that she'd never be abandoned again!

Holly is now thriving in her new home and gets lots of love and cuddles from Melissa and her daughter.

It could have ended very badly for Holly. Instead, it looks like things will work out great for this 'golden oldie!'

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