Woman feeds dog chained to a tree for a year, then decides she's had enough

The dog spent a year chained to a tree dog-happy © Soulmates - Facebook

A dog that spent over a year chained to a tree is finally living the life every pooch deserves after he was adopted by a friendly neighbor who never gave up on him!

By Ashley Murphy

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When Laura Seymour first met an Akita named Takia, she knew this dog deserved better.


A life that no dog deserves

The poor pooch was tied to a tree in a back garden and had no access to regular water or food. What's more, the Akita was all alone!

Laura called Animal Services on three separate occasions, but there was nothing they could do.

So Laura took matters into her own paws and started visiting the lonely dog every day. She brought food, water, and, most importantly, a little bit of love!

A year passes by. And although Laura sees a big improvement in the dog's physical and mental health, she's still concerned about her welfare.

So after a particularly cold winter, she knew it was time to get back in touch with Animal Services.

They phoned her back the next day, informing Laura that the owner had been asked to surrender the dog.

Would she consider adopting the homeless pooch?

Laura jumped at the chance, and 'Takia' is now enjoying the kind of life that every dog deserves! And there's no more sleeping outside for this pup. Instead, she snuggles up in a warm bed next to her new best friend every night!

A lonely dog with lots of love to give

But things could have worked out very differently for the pair. In fact, Laura confessed she was almost too afraid to approach the dog at first. She said:

"I [was] like, "I don't know if I'm gonna go over and it's gonna be OK...[then] I actually just walked straight up to her, and she was the happiest dog I've ever seen, she was wagging her tail."

It just goes to show - all every dog really needs is a chance to love!

Woman Visits A Chained-Up Dog For Over A Year

This woman never stopped trying to free a very sweet, chained-up dog ❤️️

Posted by Soulmates on Thursday, December 19, 2019
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