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Northern staff are asking for your help in naming their new feline friend

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Northern Rail staff are asking for help in naming a stray that came in to their TrainCare Centre in Barrow-in-Furness, and who is currently known as "The Cat".

At Northern's TrainCare Centre in Barrow-in-Furness, a stray cat has become a beloved team member. The cat wandered into the facility two years ago and has since found a permanent home there after being treated to a meal. The affectionate feline, known simply as “The Cat,” has become an integral part of the team, which operates around the clock.

A special place in their hearts

The team at the TrainCare Centre has grown quite fond of the friendly feline. They have ensured she has all the comforts she needs, including two beds, regular food, and veterinary care, all funded by the staff. 

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Neil Cornforth, a senior team leader for Northern, praised the cat’s friendly nature and her role in keeping the depot free of mice and other stray cats. 

"She’s a cracking little cat and she’s really friendly. Everyone looks after her, even the drivers come down and bring her food," Cornforth said.

A name for the furry mascot

To make the cat's place in their team official, the staff decided it was time to give her a proper name. After brainstorming, they narrowed it down to four choices: Mooch, Birdie, Sassy, and Debbie. They are now inviting customers to participate in a vote on Northern's Instagram to select the best name. 

“We were thinking about giving her a name and we came up with a dozen before drawing four out of a hat. We’re looking forward to finding out which one people prefer,” Cornforth added.

Northern, the UK's second largest train operator, is excited to engage with customers in this light-hearted decision! Which name would you vote for?

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