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Owner horrified when cat brings home a mouse, then the situation gets worse

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A cat owner's routine day turned into a dramatic ordeal when her pet brought home a live mouse, but that's not where the story ends.

To the owner's shock, the mouse later gave birth in her bedroom.

Surprise delivery

The incident was shared on Reddit, where the owner explained that her cat had brought the mouse inside during the day, but it managed to escape. To her astonishment, she discovered the mouse at 4 am, along with a litter of tiny newborns.

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The owner also shared photos of the mouse and her six tiny, furless babies. Tragically, most of the babies appeared to have been abandoned and were not moving.

Tragic ending

The post attracted over 1.3 thousand comments. One user speculated, "Poor little mousey probably gave birth due to shock. She deserves a second chance after escaping the cat." Another suggested the stress of the situation might have caused a premature birth, noting that prey animals often abandon their young in survival scenarios.

A third highlighted the dire need for warmth and proper care for the newborns, fearing they might not survive without their mother. Another user noted that mice, under extreme stress, might abandon or even eat their young to ensure their own survival.

"Nature is cruel," concluded a user who had experience caring for pet mice. "They know their place at the bottom of the food chain and prioritise their own survival."

What a tragic end to a sad story. RIP, baby mice.

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