Cat lying on the fence in front of the aurora borealis
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Owner shocked by his cat's hilarious reaction to the Northern Lights

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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People were left in awe last week, as the aurora borealis lit up the sky around the UK. But some were less impressed than others, as this cat's reaction shows.

People couldn't believe their luck when the Northern Lights were visible in the UK on Friday. 

Dazzling across many parts of the country, skies became a magical combination of pinks, purples and greens with many rushing to capture the stunning scene on camera. 

Stunning scenes

PJ managed to photograph the sky from his garden in Brighton, later sharing the image on social media. 

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He may have expected the breathtaking lights to take centre stage, but it was PJ's cat that ended up attracting all the attention. Now, with over 4.2 million views, she has become somewhat of an internet sensation. 

"She just doesn't care"

"My cat just experienced the aurora borealis, one of the world's most radiant natural phenomena... and she just doesn't care",  joked the TikTok user. 

His cat seems completely unfazed by the lights, lying contentedly on the fence as if it were an evening like any other. 

"That cat did not care", agreed one user, while another replied, "cats are the only animals who don't give a damn about everything". 

"She knows she's actually the world's most radiant natural phenomena", explained an amused viewer. And given the cat's reaction, they may actually be right! 

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