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Heroic rescue German Shepherd who took part in 20 missions has passed away

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A rescue dog from Poland who found a missing woman and was even the star of a film has sadly passed away.

Retired rescue dog Fuks from the Association of Civilian Dog Rescue Teams STORAT in Rzeszów was well-known for his heroic efforts in search operations and community outreach.

Heartbreaking news

The Association of Civilian Rescue Teams with Dogs STORAT announced the sad news, expressing their sorrow on Facebook.

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During his six years of service alongside his handler, Fuks took part in 20 search operations and numerous shows and inspired many in the community through his interactions with young people.

The German Shepherd even starred in a documentary highlighting his life-saving work, including locating a missing person.

In 2016, Fuks made headlines by finding a 76-year-old woman who had gone missing in Novosiolki Dydyńskie. His dedication led to the woman's safe return the following day after a night outdoors.

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Four-legged hero

Fuks' legacy extended beyond his heroic deeds, as seen in a documentary by Trznadel Media, which highlighted his impact on his handler's life. The film, titled "Fuks," offered a glimpse into the bond between the duo and the challenges they faced during rescue missions.

Reflecting on their partnership, Fuks' keeper expressed profound loss, noting how Fuks reshaped their priorities and brought meaningful experiences into their life.

RIP Fuks.

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