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Cats react very differently to house move, leaving viewers in stitches (video)

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A cat owner has shared a video of her cat's drastically different responses to the family's recent house move, and it's got the internet buzzing.

If you've ever moved house, you know it can be one of the most stressful events of your life. So, what is it like for cats?

Felines' different reactions

Katie Rhinehart, from Tennessee, took to TikTok to share the video, which has since attracted over 2.2 million views. It perfectly highlights the contrasting attitudes of her feline friends as they adapt to their new environment.

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In the video, a relaxed tortoiseshell cat is seen lounging on the kitchen worktop. It couldn't look more relaxed. However, its black feline sibling huddles apprehensively in a corner, looking less than impressed at the changes.

Katie humorously comments that her black cat seems to be asking, "Take me home, Mommy," and reveals that the cat remained rooted in the corner for nine hours.

The very different reactions of these two moggys resonated with cat-loving viewers and sparked a flurry of responses in the comments section. Some people shared similar stories of their own pets' responses to moving house, ranging from nonchalance to outright panic-induced antics.

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Happy new home

Fortunately, despite the initial trepidation shown by Katie's black cat, a later update reveals that the cat eventually acclimated to its new surroundings after getting lots of affection and some food.

The TikTok video is a good reminder that, like us, cats can have different reactions to change and need plenty of patience and understanding as they get used to the transition. 

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