Large long-haired ginger cat on viral donut bed

Adorable 'chonk' refuses to leave his new bed, even though he doesn't fit (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Arielle Jordan came across the viral cat donut bed online, she knew instantly that her cat Nellie would love it. She never expected his hilarious reaction.

When ginger cat Nellie was introduced to his new bed, it was love at first sight. 

Doubling up as a cave, owner Arielle had no doubt that it would be the perfect gift for her feline friend. 

But what she hadn't factored in was his size, which in reality posed quite the issue. 

A loveable 'chonk'

Described by his human as a floofy chonk, Nellie weighs in at an impressive 15lb. 

With his kind nature, and impressive stature, Nellie's size just means there's more of him to love. Until it comes to finding him a resting spot, which as the video proves, can be a real challenge. 

Relaxed and happy

"When you purchased the viral cat donut, but forgot that you have a 15lb chonk who doesn't fit", writes Arielle, captioning the clip of her beloved companion. 

Lounging in his new favourite spot, the contented cat shows no signs of movement, happily watching his owner as she tries and fails to close the top.

"Made the same mistake", shares a viewer. "My fault for wanting big cats". 

"He is marvellous in all of his chonk glory", replies another. 

While the bed may not be his size in the conventional sense of the word, Nellie clearly thinks he fits perfectly! 

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