Dog standing over deceased owner

This dog remained loyal to his owner, even after death.

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Man killed in road accident; his dog shows immense loyalty

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When an elderly man walking his dogs is fatally struck by an ambulance, the unwavering loyalty of one of his canine companions has left locals deeply moved.

Adriano Canzian was out walking his two dogs in the Italian town of Conegliano when he was hit by an ambulance, sadly killing him and one of the dogs.

Unwavering loyalty

But despite the chaos and sorrow in the immediate aftermath of the accident, Adriano’s surviving dog continued to show immense loyalty to his owner, standing over his body.

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A photo of the loyal dog beside Adriano’s lifeless body circulated on social media, leaving everyone overwhelmed by the incredible bond and unconditional love between the pup and his owner, even after death.

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Loyal canine companion

As locals grapple with the loss of Adriano, a popular community member, many find comfort in knowing that his surviving canine companion showed him immense love and loyalty right up to the end.

The heartbreaking image of Adriano’s dog watching over him on Facebook attracted over 2.6k reactions and led to hundreds of comments from people sharing their condolences to his family and loyal canine companion.

We hope Adriano’s surviving dog can find a new family to give him the love and care he needs to heal.

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