Dog reunited with owner

Woman never lost hope of finding her dog; 10 years later a miracle happened

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After a decade of hope, a heartwarming reunion unfolded when a senior Cockapoo named Cleo, missing for 10 years, was finally found and returned to her owner, Luisa. 

The remarkable story began when the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shelter in Florida took in Cleo, an energetic 14-year-old Cockapoo, who had been found wandering the streets.

Microchip revealed dog's identity

Fortunately, thanks to a microchip, shelter staff swiftly identified Cleo and contacted her potential owners. Astonishingly, the phone number associated with Cleo's microchip led them straight to Luisa, who revealed Cleo had vanished a decade prior when she was just four years old.

Luisa never lost faith that one day she might be reunited with Cleo. She diligently updated the dog's chip details in the hope of a miracle. Ten years later, her prayers were answered. 

Emotional reunion

Overjoyed by the news, Luisa wasted no time travelling the 300 kilometres to embrace her beloved pet again.

Despite Cleo now being a much older dog, Luisa's love for her canine companion has never changed. Without hesitation, she reclaimed Cleo, cherishing the opportunity to be reunited after years of separation.

Welcome home, Cleo.

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