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Dog duo adopted after 4 years in a shelter, then tragically returned

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Adopted after years in rescue, this adorable pair now find themselves back where they started, in an unexpected turn of events that has left them homeless. 

Mandy and Mambo arrived at the Oubliés de Saint Béart rescue centre when they were only a few months old. 

Shelter staff were shocked they weren't immediately adopted. With temperaments that matched their beautiful looks, they never quite caught the eye of any prospective adopters. 

Interest at long last

Finally, after 4 years in kennels, a lovely lady came forward to adopt them. 

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Knowing the siblings were inseparable, she took them both home with her, to begin their new lives surrounded by love and care. 

But in a tragic turn of events, she became gravely ill 5 years later, leaving her no other choice but to return them to rescue. After many years in a caring home, Mandy and Mambo just can't understand what they've done wrong. Scared and confused, they now face an uncertain future once again. 

 A gentle, social duo

The poor pups have had no interest at all since coming back into rescue, and at 9-years-old, time really is of the essence. 

Will they ever get the break they desperately deserve? 

Mambo and Mandy are two hidden gems, just waiting for a forever family to come forward. They are the gentlest pair, friendly to all dogs and people they meet. 

Here's hoping they finally find their happy ending in no time! 

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