Golden Retriever enjoying snow

Last moments in snow bring pure happiness to Golden Retriever before passing

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A dog owner has shared a heartwarming yet bittersweet video of her beloved Golden Retriever experiencing a final moment of pure joy in the snow.

Riley Sitton, the Golden Retriever’s devoted owner, shared the poignant video on TikTok, capturing the last moments of family happiness with their beloved canine companion who is sadly battling cancer.

Cherished family memories

Facing a grim diagnosis and limited time, Riley created cherished memories for the ailing dog. The video starts with the family opening the door to their home and the Golden Retriever eagerly rushing out to the snow-covered garden. 

The dog revels in the winter wonderland, rolling in the snow and playfully placing its paws on the ground.

As snowflakes fall around them, the family embraces the precious moments, capturing photos and sharing hugs. 

Perfect snow day

The heartwarming scene also includes the pup enjoying the company of a toddler and his dad as they create the tiniest snowman. The dog munches on snowflakes and even takes a treat from its owner’s hand, savouring every bit of the perfect snow day.

Here's the heartwarming video (tissues at the ready):


Our golden retriever has been battling cancer and we think he’s at the very end. We’ve been praying for one last snow day for him & it came true this morning. 😭♥️

♬ Good Ol' Dogs and God - Pryor & Lee

In the caption, Riley reveals the dog’s ongoing battle with cancer, expressing the family’s hope for “one last snow day.” We are so pleased that their wish came true.

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