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Family adopts dog: Months later, shelter staff spot him on an advertising site

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Having waited for years to find his family, Pupuce was overjoyed when he finally went home. But the people who were meant to care for him betrayed him, in a move that left the pup heartbroken.

Beautiful Pupuce is a real gentle giant, but despite this he spent many lonely years waiting for a home.

The 9-year-old American Staffordshire never had any interest, until a family met him in 2023. They saw past his big feet, his age and his breed, and offered to take him home with them. 

A shocking twist

Shelter staff thought Pupuce's time had finally come, to experience the love and warmth of a real home. 

Sadly, this dream quickly became a nightmare, in a heartbreaking turn of events that nobody predicted. 

Having visited Pupuce at his new home, and seen him happy and settled, the rescue team of the Arbois shelter in France, were shocked to see the dog listed on an advertising site. He was being given away, and the owners hadn't even informed them. 

The urgent rescue

Staff rushed to find Pupuce, bringing him back to the safety of the shelter. The poor pup was disoriented and stressed, unable to understand why he was being taken away from the people he loved. 

Back in his kennel, he quickly lost weight. Clearly suffering his most recent abandonment, he slowly began to understand that his family would never be coming back for him. 

Thankfully, this amazing boy hasn't lost his love for people! 

The rescue team are hopeful he will soon be adopted once again. In the meantime, they are showering him with as much affection as possible. 

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