Malamute sitting outside covered in snow

Owner shares video of Malamute relaxing in snow to prove not all dogs are the same

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While many dog owners follow the "if you're cold, they're cold" rule, the rules are a little different for Malamute owners as this video reveals.

The clip, humorously captioned, "He said 'leave me be mom!'", captures a beautiful Malamute contentedly sitting on a porch, seemingly unfazed as the snow falls on and around him.

Bred for cold climates

Originating from the icy terrains of northwest Alaska, Alaskan Malamutes were initially bred as working dogs by the Mahlemut Inuit tribe. 

These dogs played a crucial role in the nomadic lifestyle of the tribe, efficiently pulling sledges laden with people and belongings as the community constantly traversed the region.

"Snow loaf"

Viewers couldn't get enough of watching the pup enjoy his time outside. One person referred to the Malamute in the video as a "snow loaf". While another shared, "My neighbours have a huge sign: "Dog can come in! He will not! Do not call the police! Thanks!" all winter long."

Here's the clip everyone's talking about:

The secret to their survival in harsh Alaskan winters lies in their thick double coat. The outer layer, almost waxy in texture, shields them from snow and water, ensuring the cold doesn't reach the dense undercoat. This water-resistant feature allows Malamutes to endure extended periods in snowy conditions without succumbing to the chill. Their robust paw pads and additional fur on their feet provide further insulation against frostbite.

Do you have a Malamute who loves the snow, too?

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