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Unlikely pet sitter steps in to care for student’s kitten during exam (video)

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When a student has no one to care for her tiny kitten while she sits an exam, an unlikely cat sitter steps in to help.

Professor Martin Adan is a language teacher at a university in Mexico. When he heard of his student’s plight, he was more than happy to help.

Surprise cat sitter

The student was due to sit a test but was worried she’d have to miss it as she couldn’t find a pet sitter to look after her little kitten. But Professor Adan had the ideal solution: bring the adorable feline to class, and he’d look after it.

He wanted the student to focus 100% on the test without being distracted by the cat. Plus, as a cat lover, Professor Adan couldn’t resist the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

Cat lover

Professor Adan shared sweet moments during the exam with the kitten, who happily perched on his shoulder. 

In a video taken by one of his students, you can see the little kitten happily sitting on the professor's shoulder as he looks through exam papers before nestling into the man's shirt. “No one can resist the tender look of such a cute kitten. They make me happy,” Professor Adan said.

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Here's the adorable video of Professor Adan enjoying being a kitten sitter:

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