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Cat’s perfectly timed singing strikes a chord with fans worldwide (video)

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A black cat called Badu is taking the internet by storm with his purr-fect musical talents.

Badu started his musical journey on YouTube just over a year ago and has amassed a dedicated fanbase, proving that he's no ordinary cat.

Talented feline

The black cat's owner was stunned and delighted to discover his cat’s singing abilities and was keen to share the feline virtuoso with the world.

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When he’s not doing the usual cat things, Badu dedicates his time to musical pursuits, practising with his guitar-playing owner (sometimes fuelled by catnip). 

While his owner strums on the guitar, Badu contributes the perfectly timed vocals (thanks to prompts from his owner).

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Here's Badu rehearsing after some catnip:

The Singing Cat

Badu, aptly nicknamed "The Singing Cat" by his human, has embraced the blues genre with perfection, effortlessly following cues from his guitar-strumming owner.

Not limited to blues, Badu has showcased his vocal prowess in popular and folk music as well. 

Badu's perfectly timed vocals are wowing the internet:

His musical escapades have resulted in some captivating music videos, each attracting thousands of views and admiring comments from viewers worldwide.

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