Six black kittens

Stray cat delivers six mini panthers!

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Rescuer saves stray cat from cold and gets big surprise, 6 mini panthers (video)

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When a stray cat is taken in by a kind-hearted neighbour as temperatures drop, her rescuers soon discover that the beautiful cat is hiding a big secret.

The stray cat called Belle had been left behind when her previous owner moved away.

Surprise discovery

Fortunately, a caring neighbour began feeding her when plummeting temperatures prompted them to bring her indoors.

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But when Belle’s tummy started to swell, her rescuers realised that it wasn’t just because she was eating well. Belle was going to become a mum.

Realising they needed help, they contacted the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS). Narod, a foster mum, took Belle into her home, naming her after Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Belle would soon give birth to a litter of six beautiful black kittens, four boys and two girls.

Six mini panthers

The six kittens, described as eating "like beasts," quickly developed distinct personalities. Despite being the runt, Cogsworth proved to be mighty and fast, while Walt demonstrated his independence by using the litter box and enjoying baby food. The adorable mini panthers closely followed their mother, Belle, who lovingly taught them essential skills.

Meet Belle and her adorable mini panthers:

Now nearing six weeks old, the kittens are almost ready for their forever homes. We are sure it won’t be long before these mini panthers are snapped up!

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