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Husky dog howls along to 'Lean on Me'.

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Husky and owner’s adorable duet of ‘Lean on Me’ melts everyone’s hearts (video)

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A husky named Kovu has become an internet sensation for his “singing” prowess in a heartwarming rendition of Bill Withers’ soulful classic, “Lean on Me.”

The canine crooner is joined by his guitar-strumming owner, Tate Hegstrom, in a delightful video that captures the duo’s musical collaboration. 

Musical duo 

In the footage from their Denver home in Colorado, Tate Hegstrom plays the iconic melody on his guitar. At the same time, Kovu, the husky, adds his unique touch with an elongated howl that approaches a baritone pitch. 

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The charming canine’s contribution reaches a crescendo when Tate sings the poignant line, “somebody to lean on,” prompting Kovu to launch into a fresh chorus of soulful howls. 

Social media sensation 

Tate couldn’t contain his laughter as the musical partnership unfolded. The devoted dog owner later shared the heartwarming moment on social media and it quickly gained traction, resonating with dog lovers who praised Kovu’s quirky singing skills. Enthusiastic viewers flooded the comments with admiration, with one viewer expressing a desire for their Husky to learn howling.

Here's the adorable video of Kovu:

Does your dog like to sing like Kovu?

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