Photo of breakfast that looks like a dog

Is this a meal or a dog?

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Man posts a photo of his food and sparks a social media frenzy

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Seeing a photo of someone’s meal shared on social media is not unusual. But this picture of a man’s breakfast has got everyone talking for a surprising reason.

When the man’s breakfast was put in front of him, he suddenly had second thoughts. It seemed as though the fried onion rings and grilled chicken breast were not just an ordinary meal.

Bizarre breakfast

The man felt compelled to share a photo of his unusual breakfast online, and the internet erupted with reactions. What caused the commotion? Many observers were convinced they saw something bizarre: a small, curled-up dog on his plate!

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The shape of the chicken breast resembled a dog’s head, with a long snout embellished with rosemary branches resembling floppy ears. A slightly blackened area even appeared to be a half-open eye. The fried onion rings next to it formed the body of this optical illusion, complete with two front legs sticking out.

Dog or food?

With over 31.7 million views, 2,700 retweets, and more than 3,500 likes, social media users shared their thoughts on the photo. Some questioned if they were the only ones seeing this peculiar image. 

One person asked, “I'm not the only one who thought I saw a dog's face/head when I scrolled past at first, right?" A third commented: "I thought I saw a dog's head," and a fourth added: "Is that a dog's head? I'm so confused."

What does it look like to you?

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