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Cat falls from window and disappears: Years later something remarkable happens

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Mini Max fell from a third story window, and seemed to vanish. Only 6 years later did his owner find out what had really happened. 

The saying "never say never" couldn't be more suited to Margaret Cook and her cat Mini Max, who she rescued as an abandoned kitten and subsequently adopted. 

They lived happily together, until one day he disappeared. Anyone who shares their life with a pet can sympathise with the desperation poor Margaret felt, unable to work out where her beloved cat had ended up. 

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The disappearance

Mini Max loved watching the world go by, and would often sit on the windowsill in Margaret's home. Until one day, poor Max fell out of the window. 

Landing three stories below, his panicked owner rushed outside immediately, but there was no trace of Mini Max anywhere.  

Many years later, after endless searching, Margaret still hadn't given up hope of finding her four-legged friend. In the meantime, she'd been busy, rescuing lots of cats in need, most of whom had come to her in her search for Max. 

An incredible reunion

Six years after his disappearance, Margaret got a call she would never have dreamed of. A cat had been found in a nearby town, and on scanning his microchip, they had traced him back to her. 

Thankfully, it turned out that Mini Max had survived the fall, but frightened by the experience had run away.  He's now back in the arms of his owner, surrounded by all the other furry friends that have joined the family along the way! 

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