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Cat starts to behave strangely in garden; owner almost faints when she sees why

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When a cat owner spots her cat acting strangely in the garden, she goes out to investigate. But what she discovers leaves her stunned and calling for help.

As the woman approached the area where her cat was, she was astonished to see that her feline friend wasn't alone.

Startling intruder

The stunned cat owner couldn't believe her eyes. There in her garden was a 50 cm-long snake. She didn't know what type of snake it was or whether it was poisonous, so she quickly retreated to the safety of her home and contacted emergency services.

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The police soon arrived and began a thorough search of the garden. But the snake had seemingly made a preemptive departure and was nowhere to be found. 

Harmless visitor

The officers reassured the woman that based on her description and a photograph, her serpent visitor was a harmless native grass snake. It didn't pose a threat to either the woman or her cat.

The incident sparked a mixture of reactions on social media. While some found amusement in the situation, others expressed bewilderment at the woman's response. One person commented about the general lack of awareness of local wildlife, while another mused about the snake's activities before the police's arrival. Meanwhile, some people shared their disbelief that the police had been involved in what was just a harmless encounter with a grass snake.

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