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Parrot is fed up with cat, five million people are in stitches (video)

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A video of a parrot complaining to his human Dad about the family's cat "telling stories" is leaving everyone in stitches.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your dog or cat could talk? Well, owners of parrots would probably tell you that it can sometimes be both surprising and hilarious.

Chatty parrot

While parrots are well known for mimicking sounds and words, they can actually construct sentences, which can be helpful if they have something to complain about, such as the behaviour of their feline siblings.

In a hilarious video shared on YouTube, you can see one parrot expressing displeasure about the family's cat to its owner. It is mesmerising viewing as it seems like the bird, whose name is Max, is having a two-way conversation with its owner.

In the video description, Max's owner explains that Max likes to update him on what's been going on at home when he's been at work. It seems that on this day, Max had a lot to say about the family cat Angel, who had done something that Max wasn't too happy with. 

Cat complaint

As his owner listens to Max, it seems like the pair are really having a conversation. Max understands his owner's words and is keen to answer all his questions.

It's not quite clear what Angel the cat has done that has upset Max so much, but his owner has some sound advice:

"Don't listen to cats because cats like to get birds into trouble."

The clip has so far had over 5 million views, 10k likes and hundreds of comments from people who can't get enough of hearing Max's complaints, including some people who think Max should have his own TV show. It's hard to disagree with that once you've watched the video!

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